Indonesia is the center of world Muslim fashion

When the other place on this world like Paris, New York, London and others to be the center of world Fashion then where the best place to be the center of world Muslim fashion trend? After I see the fashion Muslim growing fast and many new Muslim designers in Indonesia born and Indonesia is the country with largest Muslim citizen  then I think that Indonesia is the best place to be the center of world Muslim Fashion. 

About one year ago in Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair(IIFF) discussed the idea  of Indonesia to be the center of world Muslim fashion was discussed. This meeting was held in Central Park of West Java with theme "Fashion & Tourism Extravaganza".  In this occasion they talk to make Indonesia as the shopping cetre of Muslim Fashion and giving award to the best designer. The best designer must to be creative creating fashion design, have fashion brand, understanding fashion Muslim which will be the trend, and other.

There are more than 20 famous muslim fashion designers in Indonesia like as Dian  Pelangi, Defrico Audy, Hengky Kawilarang, Irna Mutiara, Jeany Ang, Merry Pramono,  Malik Moestaram, Stefanus Hammy, Sofie, dan Shafira. Well... I think there are a lot good reason which make Indonesia is best place as the center of world Muslim fashion. I'm agree too about this idea because their taste about Muslim fashion are very good.
Here are some beautiful dress from runaway Muslim Fashion.


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