Fall make up trends

Fall is a season when the the world look colorful because the tree leaves are changing. The runway fashion show always have something fresh for the season. You can steal or learn the idea from run away, learn about the fashion, make up, hair style or shoes. Today I want to share some beautiful look from run away make up.
Ok let enjoy the beautiful of brush movement creation.
Beautiful  smokey green and purple
A few days a go I think I ever talk about this look in Butterfly effect eye shadow post. Well I really like that look, I like green eye shadow and it is look splashing with purple shadow. 

Beautiful drama style
I call this make up style like drama style because the sharp eye liner with nude lips and the blush on also very soft it is like Korean drama style. But if you look deeply there is a nice trick there it is strokes of eye shadow mimicked the look of lashes. 

Beautiful blue with dramatic red
Red always look sexy and the blue eye shadow look so bright but it is cute too.

Geometric Blue Eyeliner
The look of geometric eyeliner is always my favorite but usually I use black eyeliner, usually we called it eye shadow cat eye. Eye shadow cat eye make your eyes look sharper and bigger.

Giorgio Armani Geometric Black Eyeliner
That geometric eye liner/shadow seen at Giorgion Armani, what you can see other than the eye liner is the stroke eye brow which look sharper.

Squeaky-Clean Strands
Look clean, fresh and simple when I see the Squeaky-Clean Strands style. Surely can wear make up like this for everyday style.

Natural make up look
Natural make up look will always be favorite because can do and wear it for everyday but that Blunt Bangs look so innocent.

Dramatic red lips


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