Natural neck whitening and cleaning

Neck often get less attention cleanliness when woman treating the face. In fact, if the neck not treated regularly, the then it will become dark and wrinkles visible faster. This is due to the neck has many folds of skin that easily attaches and dirt trapped in the pleats.

In addition, darkened neck also caused by the use of necklace that is too long time. Necklaces can be a mediator dirt to stick to the skin. As much as possible, remove and clean regularly necklace that dirt does not accumulate.

If the neck is already darkened, cleaning and scrubbing with soap will not make it white. To make your neck back to clean and  white, you can use natural ways because if natural material effective then it can help to avoid the using of chemical drugs that may have negative side effect to your body and skin. Here are some material that can help to cleaning and whitening your neck:

1. Lemon juice
Lemon not only removes dead skin cells, but also help clean and make it more radiant. Regular neck massage with lemon juice or lemon water. This will help you to dissolve dirt and whiten the neck. Once clean, rinse with water so as not sticky.

2. Rice water
Rice washing water or starch water is very effective for cleaning the neck and bleach. Use rice water to massage your neck for 10 minutes before showering. Do keep up the neck skin is completely wet. Getting wet skin, the dirt will more easily fall out.

3. Yogurt and bread scrub
You'll often scrubs to cleanse the skin. Well, when scrubs do not forget to clean the neck. As much as possible do scrub with a scrub every 2-3 times a week. You can use a scrub bread and yogurt. Dip slices of bread into the yogurt and then smeared all over her neck rubbed. If you like, add few drops of lemon juice to be more fragrant aroma. Scrub bread can be done five minutes before showering.

4. Lemon and salt bath  
Exfoliating (peeling) bark is necessary to remove dead skin cells on the neck. The trick, mix it with lemon juice salt bath. Then apply on the neck, and let stand for 2-3 minutes. Clean with warm water, and dry with a towel as he was given a little massage with his fingers.

5. Lotion
To keep your neck stays soft and clean, do not forget to use a body lotion, cream, or lotion after bathing. This will help eliminate the dirt in the neck. Apply lotion to the neck while a massage with a little pressure. Then let stand for 2-3 minutes, and rinse with warm water.


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