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Neat and white teeth are a symbol of beauty because it produces a charming smile. No doubt many women are willing to pay top dollar to undergo a dental procedure spruce.

However beautiful the teeth are arranged neatly probably just a perception, which is not necessarily applicable or considered ideal for others. For example, in Japan, this time Japanese women actually willing to pay for expensive cosmetic procedures to get their fanged teeth. The doctor will put a small canine teeth of existing permanent way or non-permanent. Teeth would be slightly protruding out as having fangs.

In Japan, this display known as Yaeba, which literally means layered or double teeth, a condition in which teeth grew accumulate so pushed out canines. Reportedly the woman who smiled showing his fangs are favored by men, because it describes a genuine smile childish.

Cosmetic surgical procedures to create the effect yaeba became so popular in Japan. According to Japan Today, a booming cosmetic procedures precipitated by pop stars and celebrities Japanese national, TYB48 (tsuke-yaeba48) who has managed to make his fangs popular throughout Japan.

TYB48 actually formed by Pure Cure dental clinic, located in Roppongi, Tokyo. The clinic was then named the procedure as "tsuke-yaeba". Clinical Director, Taro Masuoka, told Japan Today, "Yaeba is a unique Japanese beauty. Yaeba can be an attractive feature in women in their teens and 20s. "

Masuoka also offer discounted half price (normal price of 390 dollars, or approximately USD 3.7 million) for middle school students and high school students as long as they have an identity card. But many of the patients were asked to uninstall return false canines. Probably because it was not suitable for her appearance.

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